White Bird – Nameless speaker

Bird of Light

Bird of Light

The setting sun,
A masquerade for murder
Who heralds the death of yesterday,
Cries in the night –
Replaced by sighs
A Long, deep sigh
of shapes shifting. . .

This is not longing,
but Peace it brings
an End of the Imagination
from which
It stemmed,
to a dense shifting in restful

Spoken in gravity
the summer hue –
Lost and begun,
The White Bird
Echoes Solace. . .
An empty shape
That Transcends Our

Touching swiftly
with Grace
every corner
of the World –
With wings spread full
the lonely pattern is broken,
Uniting with Sky
the last vestiges of
Bird is White.

Speaking a soundless Whisper
the shade wins
and captures all,
A lonely endurance
wrapped in its embrace.

White Bird

Freedom Over Water

Tomorrow will call
and divide him,
Between Earth and Heaven.

Who knows what Tomorrow
will bring, but Today
speaks quietly
of a soft-spoken

Dark Sunrise

Dark Sunrise


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