Flower lost on the wall – poem

Don’t ever think that
love doesn’t see around corners
Love has no boundaries.
Within me, I found the
heart of Love,
a flower,
But he keeps it hidden from me,
Hand outreached,
I look for it –
Hand already gone
I find noone
Love isn’t abuse,
But it found these guises,
Why must love abstract and detract,
And not just come?
Is it love,
Or bruised egos
From the Shadows –
Do I look behind me,
When life keeps rolling on,
I am a parked car in this traffic,
I expect him to come,
But no answer remains –
No Promise
Just an expectation of contact,
What for?

Original photograph: Ferhat Edizkan

Original photograph: Ferhat Edizkan

He knows not
How to reach it-
I’d bend over backwards,
And move mountains for him
To come,
But… Is his past creeping up on him,
Or is he creeping back into it,
To rediscover
Its gone!

I’m speaking alone now,
He’s not anywhere,
He’s nowhere,
His heart
A shadow,
Thrown by deception,
against the ground.


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