Buoyant waves upon the ocean

Today I’m going very far away in my mind
Exploring its parameters
Talking to enlightened souls
In my Destiny,
And cherishing the angels
that have fed me,
And protected me,
All along the Way
The rocky way
That it has been
Since I was born
And thinking
As a child
As a little girl..
Who believed in Angels,
Who looked up one night
Into the starry sky
What seemed to me
Then, as wilderness –
And bowed myself
As I saw a praying angel
In Cloud Form

Who before Then, And
From Then onwards,
Always believed
In the Goodness of Things

Yet common, as I discovered
A world full of other things
The real world,
The lost souls
And came Home again
To search for her own soul. . .
Who amongst the travels
Had seem to have gone missing
Like a piece of Lost luggage
Left on a journey
On a train,
a terrible mishap..
Through the mountains
And instead of humiliation,
Felt Mercy,
For That was a Choice.

Stripped down to the bone
Days unfed
And alone,
But never alone;
As a mother’s Love knows
Where you are
And who you hang with..
Nomatter how far
you might find yourself
from Home.

never unsaid,
nor spoken of;
Now that’s the travelers’ Way.
They go it alone.

Mercy shone a Light –
When know one was thinking,
For in the Silence,
Finds a lonely heart,
A Place of tired

This Time Real
It will never desert You,
It will feed you,
In times sick…
In times betrayed,
by the lover’s Love.

When you keep it safely in Your Palm,
No number of lies Told you,
Can destroy this.
For a golden trinket,
That may be a stone collected,
And held on tightly to,
Along a Long Road,
You hold onto,
And never Let go.
Without wings, without shoes,
You shall always have the golden trinket

The belief in goodness,
It’s away from false Hope,
it’s the Light of the Everlasting,
The cool breeze
At the end of a hot summer’s

Also as the Sunlight
breaking through the
Clouds on a cold, dull
Who searches
The Corners of
the Clouds, like
God’s glove
As the Hand of God,
Touching also your soul…
The mighty,
Whispers of the angels,
Caressing God’s clouds
Cradling Natures Dreams
In Goodness.

Like my friends,
Each one of You,
Who supports and
Sustains Life,
Who cares,
Who knows the Unknowable,
Though also human,
Sometimes despairs..

Whose goodness,
caresses the pages of my mind,
And like a breeze from Heaven,
Asserts me of the Divinity in Life,
Empowers me,
Of the Right to Be
Humbles me
With your talents,
Shows me..
That Goodness
And it’s Alright,
To Be at Peace.

God love you All,
For you my dear
Friends, each one
A breath of Light
A bubble of Goodness,
A comforting cord in unison
Knitting Creation
from your own minds,
And empowering others,
To exist.

To dance with joy
In this existence.
This Living
Which sometimes,
Brings us down
Like a buoyant wave upon the ocean,
Supported by friends
You can Trust,
Even when they might not
understand you.

Like the glimmers of light
That settles,
And rests
Upon the song of the ocean,
That giggles, sometimes,
And Dreams,
Big or small dreams…it does not matter
For Dreams Exist,
And are touchable,
(I have touched some).
And Life Cherishes
the Dreamers
As also the doers,
The songwriters,
the poets,
The ones who try to undo the wrong, the calamity;
the Peacemakers..
the little breaths
of “fresh air”

Song unsung,
That wondrous feeling
Of melodies come Home
Friends who have the
Time to visit,
Who rush To Be in
Your arms
With Time To Share,
And Kindred spirits!

For sharing is the
Way of Life
Also, the epitome
of friendship,
And Art,
For that matter,
Maybe the solution
To many of the world’s problems
Do we need more?
Or must we share –
What God gave us,
God in as many languages,
As there are
tongues in this world.

For didn’t the Earth and the Planet,
Give us everything in Bounty
In Pure magnificence,
Why waste it?
Like a pot boiling
Why let it brim over,
And then ask for more,
Only to seek
more, and to
Destroy it?

We don’t need to do more,
Make more,
We need
more humility,
not take more
Than we Can give.

Nor more Than we need.

my friends,
Some who do not
know me in Person
Friends whose discoveries we have made –
Simply through
Uniting in imagination,
On this deplorable facebook,
(Original note on facebook to friends)
This treasure chest of ideas,

And smorgasbord of all things,
Worthy and perhaps unworthy,
Surprising and delightful,
Our attitudes
playing as waves do upon the ocean
Like light infused
droplets, flickering
flecks of light…
Sometimes coming closer,
And perusing the shoreline
As sailors do
In their travels,
Occasionally gathering
a seashell,
A small trophy,
Something to admire.

Then hopping back off into the ocean,
swimming depths,
Greater good,
Living For Real
And maybe braver for Battle,
if Life ever requires it,
Or sometimes appearing like the
Stars Overhead –
Who own their spot in the sky,
Beaming out radiant
White Light
And knowing;
What a joy There is,
What humility bestowed,
Also –
In Being
Part of
The Sky.


2 Responses to “Buoyant waves upon the ocean”

  1. As I look upon the vastness of an ocean – your poetic words shall always appear in thought and in praise of all I survey – each new day.

  2. Thankyou so much, Poet of the Isles…!;) I would like to share with you some more of the background- My ‘inspiration’! – One day I felt compelled to express my feelings to a group of wonderful souls – who by their generous natures, as well as their pursuit of self-and-others’ development (‘Universal’) and commitment to the Planet – bring me reassurance and expand each day in their generosity of spirit… The theme of the ocean bridged the gap in communication for me with the horizon symbolizing our connection – and support …knowing that indeed the distance, however seemingly so far in km..is nevertheless as quick as thought! – Bird xx

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