A word with a tree

The Tree,
With his burden of green
An attribute to stillness,
to its own season

word with a tree "locus amoenus" photo: Ferhat Edizkan

I sat by my tree,
My repose with nature,
Heart murmured
Stole a sigh –
Ah, The Delicious green! –
Vibrant green!
Heavenly hue
my tune
with the never-never
Quiet one,
Meditator –

Reserved quiet moments…
maybe with a sparrow
Maybe listening to the soft
Song of the sky
Sharp shadows
falling by night,
Silhouette dropped,
Like a nightrobe,
Across the Sky
Mind made up
But never made up
However sitting in the moment
And Unreasoned,
The quiet sigh

Knowledge of the tree
United with nature…

His fond memories
Of his mother,
His blood belongs,
To the Earth –
“T- i -e- r- r-a”
Song of the Unspoken,
Glorious sound!..
Thank you tree
For talking to me!
“Pleasant Place,”
my locus amoenus

locus amoenus, Bird of Light

locus amoenus, Bird of Light

My Inspiration for original poem, photography Ferhat Edizkan

My Inspiration for original poem, photography Ferhat Edizkan

Inspiration for ‘The Tree’ – my locus amoenus:

Trees, such precious things..! They keep us alive. So I wrote a poem about the tree. I do hope you like it. Please feel free to comment.

A bit of history: locus amoenus is Latin for “pleasant place,” a literary term which signifies a beautiful and idealized refuge or place of comfort – akin to Eden! A locus amoenus must include the three basic elements of trees, grass, and water.

Well in our busy days we may notice that the tree stands tall even when the world around it, passes by in a flurry! .. Trees are so important to us. We must do what we can to protect the trees around us.. they add so much also to the pleasant feeling of a suburb, and bring us rejuvenation when we search for peace and a break from the city. Bush walks.. picnics in the park… or a trip or weekend away in the countryside…

A tree holds the keys to enlightenment, perhaps… Buddha sat by the Bodhi Tree according to legend, and found his peace.

Find a quiet space – maybe it’s your garden, and enjoy the natural beauty of trees. The garden can really be a great place of refuge. We can ‘make like Buddha’ and enjoy some equilibrium if we take time to appreciate trees – restorative to mind, emotions, heart and body, not to neglect to mention also, the Spirit!


One Response to “A word with a tree”

  1. You paint with words and capture the unspoken light of being. As I read the words, I was there sitting quietly beside you. I know that tree from when it was a seedling. Thank you.

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