Interview with a Shoe – Exhibition

A lot can be defined about somebody by the shoes they wear, they say, much more so than what we can judge about a person by simply the clothes they wear.. Shoes tell a story.

The “Interview with a Shoe” by UK artist Alice Instone is currently exhibiting in London (21 May -3 June) tells the tales of fabulous and favorite footwear of over twenty high profiled names – including Annie Lennox, Elle Macpherson, Bianca Jagger and Alexander McQueen. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Dress for Success.

The artist says,
“There’s something very evocative about people’s shoes. I was painting portraits for my last show, and it occurred to me how much what sitters wear on their feet said about them.”

In typical bohemian beauty style Elle Macpherson’s shoe portrait depicts her much loved cowboy boots, worn from teen years. Tying in to current trends, this season sees the return of points and stilettos, amongst other 70’s styling – including platforms and fringing on boots, bags and heels also.

Below ‘The Little Church of the West Las Vegas’ portrays Annie Lennox’s gold platform sandals – a pair she wore to the Las Vegas wedding of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. They also bear a remarkable similarity to her “Bare” clip shoes…

The Little Church of the West Las Vegas, Alice Instone

The Little Church of the West Las Vegas, Alice Instone


2 Responses to “Interview with a Shoe – Exhibition”

  1. Beautiful!
    In Bremen, Germany, at the moment you can visit the exhibition “Shoe-Tic” (meaning mild obsession with shoes) – and a friend of mine commented: “During our walk through the exhibition you have spoken of at least 15 pairs you loved but don’t have any more…”, and I thought: it’s true, one never forgets splendid shoes.” Britta

    • Love it! 😉 thanks for your sharing.. This certainly brought a smile, and a laugh.. Right now, I’m experiencing a personal battle with ‘shoes’ – Too many, but love them all!… Organisation, as with everything in Life – is key! 😉

      Xx Teena

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