Art and Fashion

Marilyn romanced her artistic leanings, through a carefully cultivated image, and associations.

Marilyn romanced her artistic leanings, through a carefully cultivated image, and associations.

Oh! How this image inspires me!.. I think it’s the combination of her classic dress style (and pose), with an unconventional, naive and artsy backdrop!

She looks as though she’s waiting for something, however – at the same time, perfectly in charge. Or was she just bored? – That is a definite option, with the given it’s just another sitting for a photographer, we can but wonder. .

I do admire the cute setting and consider it’s shabby-chicness rather enticing . . I wonder where she was? And the polished floorboards lend a note of a ballet studio combined with her pumps – but far more likely, is that she was posed in an acting studio of some description.. Most of all, from this picture, I appreciate the sense of color – stark neutrals of black and cream, highlighted by the contrast of emerald green. Of course, always with her perfect hair and classically-groomed makeup. Marilyn – your attention to detail, in grooming especially, wasn’t lost on me! Thank heavens there’s been a revival in good taste and manners recently! (recent see-through blouses on the runways aside…But that has to do with the state of the economy, I should think..)

That reminds me, the purpose of this note serves as an introduction to the viewer to my dedication to combining the interests of art and fashion, together, hopefully, with an emphasis on style, and at times, an utter disregard to trends if I find them boring.

It is those weary times, that I shall dive into the fashion and art archives – to celebrate icons of fashion/art and we can hopefully re emerge refreshed, asserting style over fashion.

Yes, the other importance of this entry relates to my passion for fashion with passion, and art with heart – ie. anything in the world of Fashion and Art that supports a worthy cause.


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