About: Bird of Light

Teena Marcus writes Bird of Light’s Blog. She has a background in Humanities, and has completed a major in oriental philosophy, particularly Buddhism, and Eastern Meditative practices, while also and having a diverse passion for languages. She learnt Basque like a parrot to impress the natives in northern Spain, and studied Spanish language at the University of Malaga in the South of Spain. In between starting her blog, she is currently completing her Spanish language major.

Be patient with he blog please – ‘I’m just starting out in the land of blogging, and will see where this takes me!’

Her interest in the world has lead her to travel and live, work and study in Europe for the last years, as well as having visited New Zealand, Fiji and parts of Asia. Her interests are humanitarian and artistic, with a special interest in poetry or creative writing as well as Photography.

She is trained in photographic post-production and has diverse experience in the field – through modeling as well as styling shoots. She also has a great love of television presenting, and has presented shows overseas for local production in Spanish and English, presenting segments and interviews on fashion and style, as well as the arts/music.


One Response to “About: Bird of Light”

  1. Hi, I am intrigued by your blog, and quote about the light of a thousand candles. It is the same quote on my facebook. What made you put it on your blog?

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