Changing (A Poem)

Ah, Changing Indeed.

Have you changed, more is the point?

In questioning others, have yourself deceived? More a beautiful thing to see the world through hand a entwined with others, two pairs of eyes, so to speak…

How hard it is to stand in the shoes of others.

If only our often limited viewpoints were not the force of consternation.

People voice viewpoints ill-conceived, from which they know (or think, in reality) very little).

I am no stranger to being judged blindly.

It bothers me not now, more the pity, the fellow who believes true friendship these fickle minds.

I am loved. The rest I care less for – for the heart must be pleased.

A poem in One,

Short Indeed.

~ Bird of Light


~ by Teena Davidson on August 29, 2012.

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