New Blog 03.02.11 by Annie Lennox on Myspace

Some interesting thoughts by Annie Lennox today I felt like sharing ; ) And sleeping in.. going against the crowd sometimes, but at the end of the day we’re all in this together..  I also firmly believe in our interconnectedness and oneness ultimately – keep our eyes and minds open to what others have to say and sometimes its really beneficial to imagine standing in the shoes of others..

We were all born with unique circumstances – and by providing to support to others who we fell are different, one can discover a lot about humanity and our essential selves – the place of the heart.

Life just begins when this is the centre! Personally I’m putting behind issues where love becomes stronger, and the love is developing only through listening to others, not jumping to conclusions, and allowing love rather than fear to motivate actions.

Around the world we can do the same – by opening our hearts to these circumstances which appear sometimes horrendous – we allow a lot of light to enter the space – and new solutions will arise and develop naturally, with the force of love at its frame.

Following: Link to ANNIE LENNOX Blog Post:

New Blog 03.02.11 by Annie Lennox on Myspace.


~ by Teena Davidson on February 4, 2011.

One Response to “New Blog 03.02.11 by Annie Lennox on Myspace”

  1. So beautiful and so True ! It ia a great feeling to share thoughts with people that speaks « the same language » as ours 🙂 Bjs

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