Buddhist Philosophy, moral spirituality and the Question of Money

” The Buddha gave five reasons why a moral person should desire to be possessed of means.
Firstly, by his work, diligence and clear-sightedness he could make happy himself, his parents, wife and children, servants and workpeople.
Secondly, he could make happy his friends and companions.
Thirdly, he would be able to keep …his property from the depredations of fire, water, rulers, robbers, enemies and heirs. Fourthly, he would be able to make suitable offerings to his kin, guests, deceased, kings, and devas.

Fifthly, he would be able to institute, over a period, offerings to recluses and others who abstain from pride and negligence, who are established in patience and gentleness, and who are engaged in every way in perfecting themselves.

At the same time, whether his wealth increases or whether it does not, he should not be disturbed in his mind if he knows that his reasons for trying to amass it were good. ”

– Hammalawa Saddhatissa


~ by Teena Davidson on January 18, 2011.

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