Dear Diary- Friday rant on free-spiritism

Dear Diary, aka World

Is it so? Can it really be that men want us women just to look pretty, or to do the housework (preferably to do both, at the same time ;))..

No —— I must be mistaken! I dont think men care too much these days if you’re brilliant at housework, or not.. Just that we look pretty, and keep our ideas to ourselves!..

That way is far easier for them to manage us. Problem is, we don’t need managing!

I am happiest when I am free to love, feel, and think how I choose to, not staying within the perameters set by others. What is life, if not an opportunity to grow? .. Why would I want to be the same today, as I was yesterday?

It’s not half the case that men like to make their own minds up, why must it be so difficult to fathom that a pretty woman has a head on her shoulders, too. I was in the academic world a while, and it can be observed that both men and women there often like to put things in boxes. And baby, I cant be contained!..

Nor tamed – for that matter!… I ended up saying the same thing at the end of my last important relationship…a few years ago.

Men don’t want to be tamed, and women, neither, at least me! 🙂 That is. And I’m not speaking about sexual proclivities. I don’t require taming when I am in a monogamous relationship. … Indeed, those boundaries are set by definition.

The issue I have a problem with – is psychological.

Are free spirits destined to be alone? 🙂

(no…….. we just need to meet another equally free spirit)


~ by Teena Davidson on December 16, 2010.

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