Here’s Looking at You, kid..

My grandma lives nearby, so I’m grateful that its easy to drop in, when we both have the time.

In my family we all feel grateful and lucky that she’s so agile still – and has been throughout all of her life.

Recently, her secret has been pilates. At 85 years, she knows a thing or two…. and the great thing is that when she’s not attending to homemaking matters, you’ll often find her immersing herself in reading material… whether it be politics, art, health, and natural health in particular (which she has always been fond of) – she’s able to sit down and relax, and enjoy a glass of wine – with her granddaughter! That’d be me!

The other afternoon I dropped by, and it was fascinating to sit on her small patio, taking in the vastness of the sky overhead, surrounded by her array of plants – (she used to have a few hectares), and talk about the latest updates in life, where we’re going, and of course just to muse on the plants, the beauty of the afternoon, and enjoy some of the best hours of the day – even watching just for a few minutes as the sun moves across the sky… sunset time.

A glass of Taylor’s in the hand didn’t not help either.

“Here’s looking at you, kid”.. She said to me as we toasted.

This is my grandma –

She was more beautiful many times, but its difficult to get her shot, she says these days she doesn’t like the camera.. so I caught her out at the shops, I think it was in Myer.

Sammy, another dear friend of mine, however so far with little experience in front of the camera (or in life, too, for that matter – she’s only 1.5yrs young) neither wanted to sit in front of my lens for long, however the snaps I managed to take on my friends’ camera still indicate her potential, that comes hand in hand with youth.


~ by Teena Davidson on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “Here’s Looking at You, kid..”

  1. Sammy is a true STAR ! watch out for him… he`s going to be the gigolo of your neighbourhood !!!
    …sounds like you live a beautiful place and value your family, which is something that not everyone is capable of ! you know, the other day i found myself doing one of those obnoxious quizzes to find out the region of the world i would fit in better, and.. guess what the result was …

    kiss from lisbon 😉

    What City Should I Settle Down In?
    Eduardo got GOLD COAST – AUSTRALIA.
    This is where the sun always shines and where the beautiful sun kissed people reside. Sinking your toes into the warm sand, with the sun beaming down.. listening to the waves crashing with all your mates having a good time. You���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½re a laxed out person who likes to have a good time! GOLD COAST is where you belong!

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