Oscar Wilde Quote: Illusion, the first of all Pleasures

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.”

– Oscar Wilde

..It’s funny too, that in Spanish the word ilusion has the meaning of dreams, in terms of high or passionately held hopes… as it was once explained to me, as well as the following meaning(s):~

1. delusion
2. mare’s-nest
3. dream
4. phantasm
5. deception
6. eagerness
7. hallucination
8. a flight of fancy
9. hope

I find it funny too, that sometimes, or often too – we can have a hope – but sometimes its a delusion, a fantasy, and has no precursor to reality.

What’s more, on top of that, from a Buddhist perspective, it is our attachment, grasping, or addiction to pleasures which is the root cause of suffering – namely, ignorance.

Indeed, both Eastern and Western cultures and thought traditions may reach a common ground, if one’s view enables that bridge or meeting.

Cheers, just engagement in some thought for the day – a wonderful, overcast and mild temperature day in Brissie (Brisbane, Australia).

~ Bird


~ by Teena Davidson on November 28, 2010.

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