What is the measure of a man’s real character…


Hmmn, good deeds or bad deeds, silent deeds, the sweetest gestures or thoughts, the kindest things he does behind your back, making the bed, straightening things out, cleaning up, and washing the evening’s supper glasses, in a stealth -like tread … when are already fallen asleep….

Thomas B. Macaulay wished to sum it up well!…

‘The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.”

(Thomas B. Macaulay)

Hello Hummingbirds!

I write you a few short words, only today..

I will tell you that I am listening to My favorite ‘best of’ Roy Orbison Collection.. It is one of those melancholy moods passing, yet I am as creative (more so) than ever!

Do you expect too much from your man? ~ honesty, Love, respect, to be valued, devotion?……..

The same question vice versa counts equally, too: ~ “What type of Love do you require from your woman?

~ Must she trust you – value you … help you build your dreams, (and those together), to support you, as a confidante… Is she your best friend?

If I could sum it up, for myself.. It is for me, ‘To be the Best Friend you can ever imagine.’


That is how I would like my partnership, with my man…

Anything less, and I haven’t given my best, nor him to me…

Ok.. So the day goes by, I must fly!….my friends. x

Peace & Love,

X Bird.


~ by Teena Davidson on November 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “What is the measure of a man’s real character…”

  1. thank you for sharing. such a nice quote = )

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