Do you ever ask yourself sometimes “Where is the World?” /(mad and greedy world)

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox Pictures

“Three years ago, the Democratic Republic of Congo seized my being. V-Day, a movement to stop violence against women and girls, was invited to see firsthand the experience of women survivors of sexual violence there… we created a massive campaign – Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource: Power to Women and Girls of DRC – which has broken taboos, organised speak-outs and marches, educated and trained activists… and spurred performances of The Vagina Monologues across the country… V-Day activists have spread the campaign across the planet, raising money and consciousness. …The stories of continued rapes, machete killings, grotesque mutilations, outright murdering of human rights activists”

Excerpts taken from an article for The Guardian, Saturday 12 June 2010, by Eve Ensler – Please find the entire article:

“…But even harder to deal with.. is knowing that despite the ongoing horrific atrocities that have taken the lives of more than 6 million people and left more than 500,000 women and girls raped and tortured, the international power elite appear to be doing nothing… It is almost 13 years into this war. The Obama administration, as in most situations these days, refuses to take a real stand. Several months ago I visited the White House to meet a high official to engage the first lady in our efforts to end sexual violence in Congo, believing that her solidarity would galvanise attention and action. I was told, essentially, that femicide was not her “brand”. ”

As Ensler points out, the atrocities committed against the people of Congo are far from arbitrary – as sometimes seems the case with disease at times -however by contrast and brutally so – “systematic, strategic and intentional”, the root of which is “a madly greedy world economy”.

The details: our economic profitability, and our comfort of living thrives upon the exploitation and robbery of indigenous Congolese.

Multinationals derive benefits from these minerals, and complacently and willingly self-blindfold, meanwhile with backs turned as the commital of femicide and genocide feeds their ballooning pockets and financial prerequisites.

Ensler finishes her article with insights into her personal healing journey – one that we could only hope could one day be a part of the lives for the financially exploited, and forgotten about, women of the Congo and world – and the fundamentals of healing which require being cared for, loved; and not forgotten.

To deny this is to deny our very humanity. We may rightly question how civilised are we really, if only our society’s values would allow us the time to question ourselves more frequently.

“…..But the real healing comes from not being forgotten. From attention, from care, from love, from being surrounded by a community of those who demand information on your behalf, who advocate and stand up for you when you are in a weakened state, who sleep by your side, who refuse to let you give up, who bring you meals, who see you not as a patient or victim but as a precious human being, who create metaphors where you can imagine your survival. This is my medicine, and nothing less will suffice for the people, for the women, for the children of Congo.”

Read more:

A woman (way) ahead of her times – Annie Lennox: ‘No Fear No Hate No Pain No Broken Hearts’

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox

You can learn more about prevention and treatment for women and children for sexually transmitted diseases, through Annie Lennox’s SING campaign website

By contrast to many – regardless of whether or not we are in the public eye – Annie Lennox is one brave and rare woman who is not afraid to put her face behind campaigns and efforts to raise awareness and funds to provide support, education, awareness and treatment – for these health and societal issues which wont “go away” meanwhile we turn our backs. In spite of such pain and sometimes ugly realities she shows her strength and encouragement for all our brothers and sisters in this world. Whether we consider it a big or small world, my wonder is how big or small our hearts and minds are, and in what capacity are we of dealing with issues, that relate to us all – as humanity – no matter how detached from it, we feel, or would pretend to be.

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox Pictures




~ by Teena Davidson on August 15, 2010.

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