una obsesion

My current, & consistent musical inspiration:

Stephane Pompougnac is a French house DJ, and also a musician, composer and producer. He is famous for mixing the Hotel Costes series – a series of compilations of downtempo style tracks.

Please listen: This is My heart, this is my Life… Do you find the lyrics, anywhere? Stephane – please consider visiting Australia:

… It may be that we are in need of your musical aesthetic – quite currently I can’t find you elsewhere!!.. 😉 (and if you come, please promise you will notify me!)..

************ **************** ******************** ************************ ********

…. Sabes cual es mi obsession de hoy… y de estos dias ya ~ Stephane Pompougnac
– El DJ de house, composer, musician, creador de la música… Es famoso por el series ‘Hotel Costes’,
.. el chill-out de House,

y presenta un collecion de tracks asi..

Es en mi corazon, sabes que es mi vida – Te invito eschucharlas ~

Puedes encontrar las letras de esta canción?…. ~

. . Por cierto piensas en visitar Australia, Stephane?

Aqui faltamos vuestro estético ~

asi, Que te vengas!…

promesa que me diga..

X Bird


~ by Teena Davidson on August 2, 2010.

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