Kate Moss Draws the London Eye

To check out model Kate Moss’ artistic impression of the iconic London Eye, for children’s hospital charity, while toasting to the landmark’s birthday…

Sketched with simple black ink, Moss demonstrates her creative talent, as her impressions of the architecture and landmarks of London gravitate towards the Eye itself…

Kate Moss Draws the London Eye.

La Moss has done it again!

And it’s not news that this model turned tycoon has partnered with cosmetics perfume giant Coty to deliver several gorgeous fragrances, which are available at very modest prices, too I might add.. So I found this youtube video below and think it’s kind of sweet, and even worth sharing, here. After all, I haven’t posted anything for a while. Kate looks feisty and fresh, at the same time, part of her enviable ability to mix different styles in one – and her strapless white dress teamed with natural hair and makeup does just that – mixing classic and classy/casual..

“I try to encompass everything that I feel about being feminine, a bit rock and roll, a bit edgy… a bit light and a bit dark… When I put it on I want to feel fresh and light, and as the day goes on – I want to feel sexier.. ”

~ Kate Moss

X Bird


~ by Teena Davidson on July 20, 2010.

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