Emotional Healing and health

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Life is full of every colour, and it’s those shades that make up the picture of our lives.  Our fears stop us from loving fully, when we’ve been hurt before – we can make up our minds to not be loving, because maybe it hurts too much – as being open to love, makes us believe we are more vulnerable.

A little insight into healing emotional and physical pain comes from a Buddhist perspective – Beginning with the premise of pain being an indicator that something is wrong.

Secondly, it is stated that one may overcome this pain – That indeed there is a remedy to our pain.  A secondary problem is the fear which is unrelated to the problem, which is yet another layer of pain.

To heal our emotional wounds we require discipline in action, combined with perseverance or constancy to overcome our preoccupations about daily stresses and pains before the pain manifests and is overwhelming and consuming.

I would say in general terms to heal with a meditative approach firstly requires awareness, and the second step is to exercise awareness practice applying dedication.

This post does not explain how to heal in entirety, the journey being personal and one based upon individual experience. Embracing a positive perspective and approach is essential, however. Choosing people in our lives who are loving and supportive of us, and our personal growth, is also essential, and I would suggest gently communicating to your loved ones your feelings and your hopes, and finding sources of creative fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, and other activities that help you to be in touch with the present moment and to connect with yourself and your inner wisdom, and to connect with loving friends or community to support you in your life journey and happiness. Ultimately, it is worth uncovering the hidden causes to our pain, opening our hearts, to enable ourselves freedom and better health!

Buddha Pictures, Images and Photos


~ by Teena Davidson on July 6, 2010.

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