I decided to do a little research of my own, with regards to manners. Just yesterday I was musing over an afternoon coffee in the late winter sunshine with my boyfriend, adorable man that he is, over the juxtapositions and contradictions that I guess we all have in our personalities, our characters even. As humans, we are interesting, sometimes beautiful by our contrasts, other times mistaken or misunderstood, but oftentimes appreciated if we are fortunate by our diversity in our natures.

Like a day without sundown or night – our natures are reflective of the ebbs and flows of our dispositions, our idiosyncracies,and yes – also our manners!. (Or lack, thereof).

I am not the first to be climbing aloft my soap box with regards to these ~ As I am well aware of my shortcomings when it comes to certain manners, at times. However, I am aware that I do value some good manners, as once it was brought to my attention by a certain author of Australian origins, his view being that manners could be the moral crux of society. It is an interesting viewpoint, and not one without merit – I am sure.

Of course, to have manners one may not be authentic, and authenticity lacking, therein lies the weakness to the latter argument.

However, good manners, owing that the bearer understands the importance of sincerity in the occasion, may definitely give rise to wholesome feeling and truly moral action.

A brief google sent me to the following list of suggestions:

Please and thank you
Chew with your mouth closed
Cross your legs if you are wearing a dress
Take your hat off in church
Wipe your feet at the door and take your shoes off in a persons home
Ask to be excused from the dinner table
Offer food or drinks to guests
Open doors for people behind you
Do not skip in line
Do not stare
Do not point
Apologize to someone if you bump into them
Watch your language in front of children
Wait to eat until everyone at the table is seated and ready to eat
Put the toilet seat down and remember to flush
Use a tissue when wiping your nose
Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
Always wash your hands after using the restroom
Dress accordingly for events
No excessive PDA
Ladies first
Make eye contact when talking to a person
Don’t pass gas in public

Oh, dear! I would almost fail to mention the last one – That seems to go without saying!,

It was suggested elsewhere – That after dinners, networking events or receiving a gift – send a letter of thanks – or at the very least – call and say “thank-you”. Is it o.k. to send an email? Well, personally my experience is that an sms sent or received is quite nice, and then the next day ideally followed by a phone call.

~ But everyone is different! ~ Personal taste! (When it comes to preferences for phone calls/mobile messages and other message forms).

I also found the following page, which is pretty straight-forward: Including some excellent suggestions, (not always easy to follow, I might add but worth their weight in gold) concluded by the dictum, “Remember, manners are kindness! “. Very nice, indeed.

Wishing You Luck! ~ I’m off to study a few manners, and hopefully put them into practice myself – Here goes. 😉

X Bird.

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~ by Teena Davidson on July 5, 2010.

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