Happy beautiful weekend ~ Shared!

….. It is the weekend!, ~ Plus, it really feels like it is!

How is your weekend going? I really hope well.. Here the weather has changed from pleasant, beautiful and sunny (a fresh but mild winter’s day in Brisbane) to overcast, with bitter winds blowing! 😉 I don’t mind, it’s warm inside!

So, to celebrate my good mood – I have my “weekend” pics to share. These are of Kate Moss of course, lounging around, just as you would do!

And yes, I’m listening once again to one of my pieces of trance. Of course this one by Cafe del Mar is a classic… I have no words, it’s a favorite – And I particularly like the cloud/moon and sea-scape imagery. The waters are somewhat like a few unadulterated coastal spots in Queensland, Australia or definitely some spot in the Pacific! hmmnn… But it’s definitely got that European feel to it also – Can’t help but be drawn back in my mind to the Mediterranean and gorgeous, blissful moments, either alone, or mostly shared – engaged in the peace of the ocean, or sea as it were.

This is my piece of paradise! ~ But I have to admit, anything shared just becomes all the sweeter!,


~ by Teena Davidson on July 4, 2010.

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