Cleaning Out and cleaning up..

I am doing something of a “Springclean” much needed in my house – after I confess years of to-ing and fro-ing across the planet, and not placing the maximum importance on my material possessions.

On the one hand, this taught me perhaps, the essential things for me to be happy – a little money, to pay for rent and buy food and groceries, enjoying coffee and breakfast out, simple comforts and joys and we probably all know what these are – although they differ from person to person, as well as culture to culture, indeed.

As some of my friends here will know, I spent many years exploring the Southern coast of Spain, a little of Morocco, and of course venturing back and forwards as the opportunity allowed to Italy and my favorite parts there.  Meanwhile however, these jaunts cost me the friendships back home which I couldnt keep up on while I made new friends overseas.  Somehow the perspective was changing.

Now, as I readdress settling back here as was the plan, for good, there is no avoiding the clutter and paper that piled up including the new mail that keeps coming in!.. Furthermore, we found that we had combined almost two houses in one, litterally, in terms of moving furniture back in, and this involves some serious space dilemmas and their pending solutions.

The same things stay important however, the dictum “less is more” works to my advantage – but throwing out is never easy – even still when we know that our lives may be better or brighter for it.

Even spiritual people benefit from simple insights into clearing clutter, for example the following link refers to the need for the absence of mess lying around a meditation space.  Sounds so obvious – but sometimes we need reminding!…. Or inspiration!

Put Away the Clutter on the Altar.

Well, I spent the better part of the afternoon putting up some new shelves with closed doors – perfect for the entrance space to tidy away shoes from sight, to avoid walking dirt into the house from the outside also.

Now its time for my bedroom makeover – right now the winter means I have endless scarves challenging me for their attention, and 3 bedspreads to boot!

🙂 I do admit, though – I like a little clutter – but essentially I prefer things to be organised!  ..It saves for so much time, and as the attached article suggests – relaxes the mind!

– Do wish me well! I have three wastepaper baskets on hand to dispose of unnecessary papers – and my guess is that if I “soldier on” and get the job done – the rewards will be much greater than the effort put in – with persistence I will get the job done!

🙂 X Bird.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 24, 2010.

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