Kate Moss’ Legs are Best

When it comes to working her best points to advantage, Kate Moss appears to know how to better than almost anyone!

Even when I begin to think she may have stumbled – for example, mismatching a vintage silken and not to mention floral shawl, alongside zebra-printed luxury tote/handbag (Longchamp line, anyone?) .. You see her so-called mismatchings are so terribly right! They photograph well, and leave a lingering imprint in your mind somehow like so many other celebrities and models don’t always.

Hence the phrases “style icon” and “kate moss” alternating with such regularity one may grow tired!… That is to say, one would grow tired if it weren’t for her uncanny ability to “mix it up” and “make it work” by sticking to her staples relentlessly, but by also on the other hand, combining exotic, sometimes new – but oftentimes vintage elements – by way of colors, textures, designs, accessories or hairstyles.

Her favored basics include her much-loved black or patent pointy toed heels (manolo blahniks), black tuxedo jacket (YSL), and for spring or summer looks, classic frocks, and recently, blue jeans. Pairing her mini skirts or dresses with heels always and jeans also, her latest fashion editorials have seen even swimsuits or less, worn with these same heels.

….It goes to show that investing in a pair of classic shoes may become the most versatile and treasured investment in one’s wardrobe!

Put your best leg forward

Love Issue 3 magazine – 2010

Above: Kate Moss teams these heels with everything from Topshop jumpsuits with opaque stockings – to 50’s style beachwear, with an aplomb and effervescence that never grows tired!


~ by Teena Davidson on June 23, 2010.

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