Kylie and All her Lovers


I have posted in tribute to our Ms Kylie Minogue, as we see her new dance album with track ‘Aphrodite’ either promises to make you a bigger fan, or… Personally, as a fan of dance music, I cannot complain, and I am loving the textured blue and white Grecian theme, of course of the clip, along with a punch of black and white, in her garments, I think that it is a very timely work for her! Below: Ms Minogue does us Australians proud in (beloved) Spain, for none other than the top of the tops, Spanish Vogue:

You can see she obviously knows how to rock a bustier – and notice the gorgeous outdoor lighting, lights in the sky like that I miss! But so wonderful also is her shoot in the sea – Ah! You go girl – Grecian Goddess or Queen?!..

p.s. just a taste of her new album:

Did you like it? I think it’s rather sweet – uplifting, yet still quite relaxing music, and although it goes in the direction of trance feeling, it’s a definite dance track or anthem, really. I quite the lyrics.. but don’t let me get sentimental. xx



~ by Teena Davidson on June 9, 2010.

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