Sex and the City 2 – Vogue Australia

Carrie On -The hype is incredible – the story of the highs and lows of an average girl, who keeps on keeping on… in life, career, love-life, boyfriends, friends… And keeps the eternally optimistic outlook to be her best, and present her best face to the world – and this means dressing fab and street wise, even when her killer style is beyond reach of mere mortals… We aspire to her bravery – in life and fashion stakes!  Carrie, I love these sunglasses on you – (They might look terrible on anyone else -)

Fashion notes:~
– Demure, yet sexy nude shoes, definitely with a heel look best – to elongate her legs – and triumph over “too much”; combined with a simple V-neckline – once again to give Carrie’s petite frame extra length and add elegance to her silhouette. 
– The line of her beautiful necklace adds definition to both her modest bodice, and dresses up her simple white waisted shift dress.

Pure class – Carrie!

Sex and the City 2 – Vogue Australia.


~ by Teena Davidson on June 2, 2010.

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