Good and True Friends

My thoughts for this day come back to friends. The following thoughts are influenced by psychology in the Eastern tradition.

After we inevitably encounter problems in relationships we may also realize its connection to our spiritual lives, and the connection to our happiness.

Its widely accepted that our happiness is determined by not only material satisfaction or progress, but also our spiritual fulfillment, which may be viewed differently amongst different cultures, but essentially means the same. We need healthy friendships to balance us, and help establish our more altruistic side – our selfless side – and will also renew our sense of who we are from a most fundamental level which is healing and regenerative for our nature.

Sensual relationships, on one hand, provide us with intimate contact that stimulates our selves ~ But friendship requires yet another level of effort, which may be seen as more selfless. The spiritual value of friends opens our hearts and lives to more selfless efforts.

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In other words, we might say that our sensual relationships ( ie. those such as lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband/wife) which involve sensual intimacy stimulate the ego (self), whereas being a good friend may require more selfless effort – hence broadening our capacity to be more caring and selfless.

While our life partners may likely also be our best friends, our lives must be selfless in some ways in order to retain the beauty of those relationships, however to not lose our identity or sense of self, which is fundamental to our life growth, and to a healthy partnership.

I would say that children also offer endless opportunities for us to express our altruistic sides! This is a rational approach, and not one determined by any particular spiritual tradition, however one which holds true in a universal spiritual sense.

Wishing You Love and Light,



~ by Teena Davidson on June 2, 2010.

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