When you dont know where to turn /’We Are Free Now’ music, by Enya


It’s been a few days, and I was wondering ‘where am I going with this blog?” As most who know me know – I love fashion, but that is not essential for me, to be happy. What interests me more, is looking to find the good in people. This can be rewarding, but also a huge distraction. These last few days, many people in the world are commenting on the change, around us all – the people, relationships, how to deal with them, the mystery of life- I guess I shall continue trying to visit the more enlightened study/ areas of this blog, for a fashion one – for me must be more tangible, and real.

Self-expression for me, is multi-faceted. I was discussing the other day with someone I care for, just how many creatives love to try out different approaches to their artistic life, and exploration of creativity. Creativity gives purpose. It is an expansion of personality, sometimes, but while can also be a great and humbling experience. It offers us essential freedom, and allows us to feel deeper, more human aspects of our being.

Creativity goes for me much deeper than fashion, however, that said – I believe that there are creative people working in fashion, who I would say are geniuses, or closer to than some working in other fields. The creative mind looks for solutions in places you wont normally find them. Creative artists find stardust in a pile of bricks, or generate beauty from a series of brushstrokes, whether it be on the face (great makeup artist), or mixing colors together and painting something that may be true-to-life, or surreal, or a sheer fantasy – brought about from pure imagination!

On the other hand, the essence of what fashion really is – is something to put on your back, after all, something to look good, something to shine in. Something to reveal to others something essential about me.. Not just about who you are – But also about where you are going. Or who you would like to be.

I cannot thank my good friends enough – who have supported me on this journey of blogging. I really wouldn’t have hit “publish” – If it wasn’t for me – listening to your encouragement. There is a fine art to that, and I think there are people who have the talent of giving encouragement to others.

My expectation for the upcoming future of this blog – is to try new things. I can’t promise one thing, or another – But I will dig in the depths of me to reveal insights which I feel may be useful to others, either in a practical way, and also to experiment within the genre of blogging.

There are facets which I began writing on, a year ago now that I miss, and there are genres, such as poetry, also that I discovered gave me a deep sense of peace, to express. So, for starters, these are some of the things I will be returning to. 😉

Others, will be a grand adventure – i hope – and I promise in advance if sometimes it doesn’t make sense – fashion – then art – then history say (or astronomy, Heaven forbid!) but somehow I hope to link all these things and have harmony about them.

Here is a little piece of music, which spells harmony indeed, none but the Enya –

It is awfully relaxing, a pertinent solution to a weary day

When you don’t know which direction to take: –

The following quote sums up, today’s musings – The quote comes from a generous Teacher, and spirit – One whose wisdom breathes the Truths of an open heart and open mind ~:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.

Success is living in such a way that you are using what God has given you – -your intellect, abilities, and energy –to reach the purpose He intends for your life.”
Jon Kabat – Zinn


~ by Teena Davidson on June 1, 2010.

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