Fashion With a Bang

Marc Jacobs is one of the most expansive and unpredictable fashion designers, one could be so bold to say… I am relieved and exhilarated to see him appear in his upcoming mens fragrance advert.

Marc Jacobs

It is a first that he models for his own designs, however last year he appeared nude for an anniversary book for Nars, but this year he will appears on a silver Mylar bed photographed by Jurgen Teller, while holding a giant bottle of Bang for the sake of modesty.

Jacobs’s business partner Robert Duffy is originator of this advertising concept for Posing nude. Robert Duffy said ”Marc, you look so great now — you should be the model for men’s fragrance.’

Well done, Marc. Many may ask – is it tacky – or is it Wonderful?! The reactions so far to the advert, which precedes the release of the men’s fragrance product in July, seems to be that you either love it – or you hate it. Whatever its appeal to you, or lack thereof, the provocation is constant.

Regarding the issue of choosing to bare (almost) all for the add – Marc Jacobs said, “My immediate reaction was, I don’t know. But then I came to see that it made sense. Men’s fragrance, unlike women’s in a certain way, is very personal. It’s a layer on top of skin — for women, it can be like changing a makeup color, but not for men”.

Hence, it stands as perfectly fitting that Marc poses nude – And he looks great in the buff, with the trademark humour never too far away….

I definitely agree with the master himself, men wear a fragrance, and it must be, “just so“. . In other words, men’s fragrance is not something interchangeable, and does not remotely resemble womens sometimes fickleness when it comes to fashion, or high street purchases. While many women experiment with both cosmetics and fashions, as trends dictate – swapping accessories – footwear, handbags, and fragrances – sometimes with such frequency as the latest arrivals of the season.

For men, it is a different matter, and perhaps often a more intimate one, at that. That is not to say that for women fragrance is impersonal – it is not in the least, but as frequent cosmetics consumers, we lust after many, and it is not unheard of that we try and test, mix and match, our scents with seasons, looks, holidays, or even special events – for that matter.

“The name came to me first. We had been approached by Coty to do another men’s scent – we did one many years ago – and I was in the gym, and the name Bang came to me,” he said.

“As a word, it has so many connotations, including a sexual connotation. And I loved the immediacy and the sound of the word. For me, fragrance is always a multilayered process – Bang was the catalyst for how this fragrance came to be. You’re drawn to try it, to experience it.”

As for the scent itself, it is said that it is apparently spicy, including notes such as pepper. Amongst its top notes are: – black, pink and white peppercorns, its heart holds primal masculine woods, and a drydown of hypnotic elemi resinoid, aromatic benzoin, patchouli, white moss, and vetiver, developed at Givaudan in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb.

The bottle itselfs’ design is, according to Jacobs, intended to appear as though it had taken a bullet to its center.

“Bang!” We’re impressed, Marc 😉

X Bird.


~ by Teena Davidson on May 27, 2010.

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