I am saddened by the recent news that Kate Moss’ house has been flooded, with sewerage! The top model and businesswoman unveiled her latest Vintage-inspired clothing line at Topshop in London’s Knightsbridge only days ago, but in between balancing modelling assignments with French Vogue, her book collaboration with Photographer Mario Testino, and numerous appearances and events, it seems her house has succumbed to damage, the repairs of which will be immensely costly.  Poor Kate! Earlier this year she was ‘giving back’ to aid charities in protection of Malaria, and it seems her hectic lifestyle is taking its toll, in spite of her improved appearance – due to gym, dance training, aquatics, as well as changes in diet, including the inclusion of fresh fruit juices, in place of some coffees, resulting in glowing skin and a lithe figure, as evidenced by her Nick Knight Topshop video, I posted earlier.  Her luminescence is apparent, and I can only hope she treats herself to a dayspa to rid herself of some of the trauma of the pending, while necessary amendments to her apartment.

Below: Follow Kate’s modelling journey through this W magazine archive –

Kate Moss ‘At the Hamman’ Video by Dennis Freedman

It reads “When the W crew shot Kate Moss in Istanbul’s most famous ancient bathhouse it was a steamy scene of naked flesh, jangly jewelry and totally drenched eveningwear.”

See for yourself: ~


X Bird.


~ by Teena Davidson on May 26, 2010.

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