The meaning of life

I have a teacher, who is far on the planet, but near in my heart. It is a relationship to me, like the wind, passing in the trees, the air flowing across a lake, watching the sunlight shine on the water on an early morning walk at the seaside.

In other words, it is not something I have to try, or look for… I know where to find it, away from the crowds, and close to nature. With a passing show of cyclists the beauty pervading nature and her wisdom, is still there – It is only for my mind to focus on her beauty – the choice is mine!


“There are only two important lessons, two reasons that you came to this world: First, to learn the …true nature of compassion, and secondly, to learn how to get along with others. If you are not involved in either one of these two important lessons, then you have actually failed to gain the benefit of having arrived in this world” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Es gibt nur zwei wichtige Lektionen, zwei Gründe, warum Du auf diese Welt gekommen bist: Erstens, um die wahre Natur des Mitgefühls zu lernen, und zweitens, um zu lernen, Dich mit anderen zu verstehen. Wenn Du nicht wenigstens in eine von diesen beiden wichtigen Lektionen eingebunden bist, hast Du es versäumt, Nutzen aus Deinem Dasein auf dieser Welt zu ziehen.” – Domo Geshe Rinpoche —”

~ Thankyou, Domo Geshe Rinpoche

Speaking with a friend over coffee this morning, I mention that I am interested in Buddhism, as a psychology… that indeed does not rely upon mathematics to formulate evidence – as does the western field of psychology (at least in the first years of study). Instead, as Buddha stated, it is up to personal experience.

Try these meditation rooms: They are a breath of fresh air, once again I have to thank Domo for showing me these: ~

You will find here virtual spaces which refresh, calm, and from where you can take refuge from the hustle and bustle! To cheer your soul!… I like the Zen room ~:


~ by Teena Davidson on May 18, 2010.

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