Paulo Coelho, on the importance of appreciating our enemies

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” If everybody loves you, something is wrong. Find at least one enemy to keep you alert… ” (Si todo el mundo te quiere, algo anda mal. Encuentre por lo menos un enemigo para mantenerse alerta…)


.. .Anyone who looks on the bright side must relate to this; I surely do, and am grateful to my so-called ‘worst’ enemy for the learning that accompanies hurt, as well as difference of opinion. Never feel too safe and comfortable, but just then when you do, your bubble may burst!! Enemies are great teachers, life in all its varied shades, and colors wants to us to know ourselves even better each day. My greatest enemy is also my greatest teacher.

… Call me the Eternal Optimist. Yes, I am – I hope to be so – My secret weapon? ~ Is: Not forgetting to combine with realism :

Hence retaining a healthy level of cynicism -which should avoid one becoming a boring, dull, or lifeless, or ‘sickly sweet’ cliche of oneself,

Did you ever stop to wonder why it is that something just that little bit tart somehow seems to taste better?


~ Bird.


Love, Light, and the warmest of hugs!

xox xo x


~ by Teena Davidson on May 4, 2010.

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