My daily moan…

How can you tell the difference between real interest or faked support? Real interest makes you feel good, your insides melt, or begin to crumble, in of course a pleasurable, heartwarming way.

The opposite is when you ask of someone advice or information , to which they are obviously privy, yet they suddenly have to rush out the door and find an excuse not to assist you!

I had a query relating to the most mundane of matters – financial affairs – and mundane as it might appear – integral it nevertheless is. The person in question – is seems must have also felt the overwhelming oppression of time = money themselves, so following several conniving however unsuccessful attempts at procuring personal (read: irrelevant) information from me.. turned on her heel instantaneously, the very moment I posed my question… the answer of which I am more than 100% sure would take around the same time, or less than it takes to say – “inhale – exhale”!

Those words come from a Prodigy song, from long ago, I can still remember…

Breathe, and breathe again.

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This is why we sometimes prefer the innocence of very young children and animals…

Finally, my point to this little *moan, is that aside from not admiring this subtle however frustrating demonstration of the corruption of power I will not allow myself to be deflated!

Furthermore, I vowed myself to put in an official complaint to her superiors.


~ by Teena Davidson on May 4, 2010.

One Response to “My daily moan…”

  1. Yes, it felt strange to post a “moan” on this blog… normally, I try & keep it very positive, also with the inclusion of social concerns, which I feel need addressing. . Ultimately it is up to us, or me to come to terms with, and navigate each tricky situation and effect change where we feel it is desirable.

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