Venice – Venice a Poem & Photos

maravilloso Venezia – marvellous Venice!

Build a bridge to my dreams,
Or to my hearts’ desire;
And I will play
with you
All of the Time.

Ah, Venezia! –
My heart’s desire –
And realisation
All at once
desire and reward,

You, nor I,
Are as we seem;
Endless pleasure
is had perusing your streets,
But by night,

(like a beauty queen,
preparing for the next day’s parade)
you are,
My dear,
Nowhere To be seen!

Welcome me back –
Dear Venezia,
Tell me by showing
Prove to me, I am wrong.
When I was believing
your majesty by day
cannot be matched by
your night!…

But don’t change Venezia,
Stay just as you are,
in your goodness,
approachable as you are,

My fondness for you,
One part,
exhilaration .. (as you surprise me)
The other is your reliability
to delight
and as either coffee or chocolate do,
I too will relish you,
always –
Like a silken,

Did I forget to tell you –
That by knowing you
to me
your better part
may be that whick breathes dignity,
Your very silence, or
the waters which flow
ever so quitely,

uniting in my mind
memories of your waters
lapping quietly

and old edifices,
yes, with understatement,
even as the gondaliers
come through,
in showy stripes,
and hats

your ambiguity…
your reluctance to tell all,
in just one day – or one
day shifting into night,

… Or is it your
conform, which reassures me
that contrasts
and mystery
are welcome friends
where you are from.

…… Bird of Light



Teena Marcus


~ by Teena Davidson on April 29, 2010.

One Response to “Venice – Venice a Poem & Photos”

  1. A very enjoyable poem…I truly appreciated how well it was crafted.

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