This is me

I thought I had better share something a bit more personal. This blog is about expression & discovery. So this is me.

The above: Is maybe one of my favorite photos – I love the background and the scenery. Amalfi was a place where my heart grew. I’m sad to say that not a lot of time was spent there, and I suggest if you travel to the other side of the world, take your time, in a place as beautiful as Amalfi. It might change your whole future!

..I also like about this photo that I am dressed like a pauper in such an obviously chic and renowned town. Unconventional, a bit, perhaps… Ok, the top was Benetton.

Below: I was in the wonderful city of Granada, in Spain, which I adore.

I converted it to black & white, as I like to focus on the contrasting textures in foreground and background, of the photo. It kind of stamps the picture in time, too – which was enormously important to me, also at the time. It felt like a milestone to travel on my own (not my preference) but to find myself in such a culture rich and historical place, as the city of Granada in Spain.



~ by Teena Davidson on April 29, 2010.

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