Recipe for Winter-Kate, street look wearability plus cool

With the air getting cooler, the days turning shorter, and the nights and early mornings turning chillier than ever – as the Southern hemisphere heads into the coolest months of the year – it’s important to make your style statements both classy, economical and chic – who else to emulate but our faved gorgeous Kate, Queen of street style.

I dont suggest anyone goes out and buys an entire outfit to look like this – Kate is small,petite and blonde, and what works for her, wont necessarily turn heads (for all the right reasons) for others, but anyone can adopt the look, or essential elements for the season, or trans season in between, buy leaving some layers at home, or simply putting on lighter layers than the look worn below:

Ah, Kate!

Dare I say, while writing this, i have to congratulate many of the street-style women around here, I have been pleasantly surprised of late. I am noticing more and more women of the more mature age brackets serving up fantastic, original, and stylish treats. When one takes care with their appearance it signals a respect to everybody around them, hence commands respect, also.

So: To define the Look above: in very generic/layman’s terms:

Kate Moss wears:
1. White (fur) Coat – note: the huge cuffs and fur collar bring this look right out of the ‘ordinary’
2. Grey satchel/handbag – Her classic personal shade
3. Black tights/leggings
4. over the knee boots (black also)

Ok. So it’s not hard to imagine how one can ‘turn this look around’ for themselves:

1. Choose a color which works both practically in your wardrobe, and also you love, and which compliments most importantly, your skin tone, for the coat (as you may change hair color also for the season).
– The ‘coat’ may be substituted for a chic jacket, or also a lighter weight depending on what the climate requires. Three quarter length sleeves will be a cute option in the days leading up to the coldest ones, also a jacket with sleeves rolled up, of course. Underneath: worn a T-shirt. Choose something soft, for the most comfortable combination – something more structured underneath will serve to formalise your look much more, for example to wear on evenings out. Try then a black corset, provided its length combines well with the bottom half outfit.

2. Invest in a quality bag – as much as you can afford (buying on sale is best) and in a tone which you can combine with jeans, also. Pick a shade that contrasts from the outfit, however subtly – to do style a la kate moss.

3. Slim fitting black leggings will add glamor to this comfortable look. You can also try chocolate brown, or another deep neutral shade. Embellished leggings are cute, but sometimes simple is more affordable and look classier, also combining well with many boot/shoe styles.

4. Finally, the over-the-knee boot. Black never goes out of style.

There, you have it: my kate moss cool report.


~ by Teena Davidson on April 29, 2010.

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