Better in Black?

This old photo of Kate Moss, remains in the ‘clever’ file. Does it matter when it was taken? These looks endure!

… So I mentioned earlier on today, that here in the Southern hemisphere – we are busy preparing for winter. That always means assessing our closets, in particular for me, my jackets, woolens, and shoes. Here in Oz, depending on where you live; say – closer to the tropics or to the Antarctic will depend the appropriateness of such luxury garments as furs (faux necessarily included) and their wearability. But here goes: Black on black, and grey -the following pic of Kate Moss

– without doubt this look suits her fabulously…..! and is tres chic of course.

I suggest, without copying her, as that is just boring – think about how these items can mix around your wardrobe, say paired with a black pencil skirt, also the jacket is taken to new heights.

Notice her clutch, with just a touch of gold highlights her long mane – working with tones that compliment your own hair tones – you can bring a look of uniformity and classiness to your wardrobe.

P.s Boys, you can do the same. Basics apply in every wardrobe, and its fun to add texture with the same tonal base, to ‘spice’ or liven things up, a little!

X. Bird


~ by Teena Davidson on April 29, 2010.

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