Be A Dreamer – Live un vie extraordinaire

To dream or not to dream? Dream A Little dream for me.

Ah, once again from the pages of my steadily increasing blog – of minute however continuing contribution to the world of blogs.. and blogging.. I salute the transcendent gaze of Kate Moss!

Heavenly, and radiant, unique, and alluring.. vivid and seductive, intriguing and beguiling… obsessed?.. Sometimes, maybe 🙂

In terms of raw image goodness – one can immediately appreciate and admire how the simplest pose or gesture, is sometimes the most commanding; however.. a smallest change in gaze or posture provokes so much!

Ah, the arts of imagining, refining, costuming, photographing, makeup artistry… But see how this fine collaboration effects the soul or gaze sometimes… One almost thinks one is in love! –


Short moments in time.

Moments shared – between model & photographer *( now is the picture created

Like a sun setting – my eyes romance with nature…..

Simple moments, just like simple poses, commanding and receiving so much attention! ~

Referencing the sun-setting once again…. Such a regular occurrence, (of importance we can barely imagine, and worse fail to appreciate! – In a brief interlude of nature our thoughts might dissolve, as our breath slows down, and we relax… Taking in the beauty of a setting sun. So too, catches images from a photographer – And heart-stopping, moments.

Musing or appreciating the simplest of everyday things to my mind, can lead us to the path of peace.


~ by Teena Davidson on April 28, 2010.

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