Happy Birthday Taurus…

My seeming fascination regarding horoscopes lately – they’ve not been horrible at all! But rather, remarkable. I feel as though I’m treading new ground, and that’s so important – particularly heading towards the birthday time…

I realise something so obvious now, more than ever before! And I will share this private interlude –

Opening the Heart is a wonderful, and powerful realisation.

No longer do my self-judgements bear witness to what other think of me. I’m aware of my areas for growth – And I am to reach for them regardless of the opinion of others – As my mind – spirit – heart – All feel accord. They are like strings playing in unison – And if one was to visualise it – ha! perhaps it’s like a little tram moving forwards!

The real thing I want from life is my own admiration, or approval. We learnt a while ago that your power comes from authenticity and a pure heart – to identify with your higher good – alleviates the weight as it were from one’s shoulders – GPS for the Soul, sort of!…

How many times we care more what others think.. Than the credence we place on our own activities, and how we really want to be.

With a glimmer in my eye, I must leave you with the following insight gleaned from Italian Vogue’s horoscope, no less! 🙂


“Your habits no longer collect the dust of boredom, but they discover thousands of corners to explore in everyday life. Everything seems new. The awakening absorbs the purest light. You are inhaling again. Venus protects you by dissolving the tensions, facilitating the tasks, and shows the way to a dialogue even with the unpleasant ones. The domain is soft and absolute. “

Please check Out your own: http://www.vogue.it/en/magazine/horoscope


~ by Teena Davidson on April 20, 2010.

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