What truly lies beneath… The Spiritual anatomy of the universe

Spirituality opens our hearts up to Love more. Our minds up to give more. Our lives up to feel more.

In artistic sense our creative channels can thrive and depend on our spirituality.

I once had someone say utter nonsense to me – He said, without my provocation, I do believe, that there was a fine line between being spiritual…. and being of sound mind.

I would like to draw a contrary comparison. According to science, we are but energy, and that said, is not of the material – Where material seems to exist, science knows otherwise – we are composition of atoms, particles, molecules, and so much more.

Einstein himself, I guess one of the founders of the modern age in which we find ourselves right now living believed in a sense of the religious, an awe entitled to the majesty of nature.

Spirituality and our faith in the goodness unseen, is simply acknowledging the basis of the universe and of life.

Primitive then , it may mean to some, for others with a broader viewpoint can see that scientific workings, many times hidden to everyday eyes, is in fact the essence of living, the nature of the universe.

To appreciate Spirit is simply understanding the hidden essence of things, the fundamental building blocks of the universe, and stands on the page to me no more, and no less.

In terms of living, this understanding offers us the knowledge and joy that life is not always as it seems. Mystery pervades and is everywhere, and in our life and our everyday sights, there lies richness, and beauty that has origins and destiny infinite.

We are all connected in this life. Spiritual anatomy of the universe is a reality and our gift – sometimes a challenge for the humble human eye to see.

X Bird.


~ by Teena Davidson on April 17, 2010.

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