What Cup-size are you?

Euw. What an uncomfortable article. But it had to be said. Once in a while, someone will say something that will actually raise an eyebrow.

An eyebrow of mine, that is.

Ok. so I think I’m not so easily shocked anymore. Well, that’s just a silly assumption. First things first – never assume.

Second – on the topic of bras and discussion and the like, not everyone is familiar with the voluptuousness that God has bestowed in his various ways to women, sometimes with an altering hand. One thing I do know ! as I mentioned to a friend earlier in the evening – do not assume the size of a woman’s breast cup-size — EVER. Unless you want a full-on war, that is.

Oh, I have said enough.

Cup-size is variable. But comparisons are unforgivable.

Did I say enough on this topic yet? Thankyou, I think so!

Yes. p.s. In Australia here we don’t discuss such matters, it is comparable to shooting yourself in the foot – many times – and times over… again…

(and of course anyone who is larger than a b or c may also suffer in their insecurities of largeness. )

There is never an easy line to read, so boys, I suggest you leave alone the issue of cup-size to women, where it belongs. Then, and only then, can we be friends 😉

pps. Who knows..buy airing this sordid laundry perhaps we stop being so stuffy about things so inane and meaningless.

I know in the case of buying clothes, I have been content for years now, to buy whatever garment I feel fits right (or best) regardless of the size which appears on the label. Size, in that case at least, means nothing to me – It has always been about fit!


~ by Teena Davidson on April 17, 2010.

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