I am a Tiger

Great! ~

    V Magazine

shows us that leopard skin is still leading the way in stylishness, and comfort-plus wearability!… As any fashionista, or vintage-lover worth her salt knows, leopard print can go way beyond ‘cool’; into the fashion realms of the just-cant-live-without!

The nudity here is not meant to be offensive, in fact I hope if anything it shows that we humans are natural creatures – woman juxtaposed against floor. Nudity for me is rarely offensive in fact, it all depends on location and timing.

The body is a sacred, and sometimes great thing… The body is natural, and we are gifted if we feel comfortable in our own skins!!!…

Whatever way we look at it – I like leopard-print – it takes me back decades, in fact to old-Hollywood style, conjuring a Marylin Monroesqe figure or energy, or sense of playfulness, however still retaining some discretion – maybe where we just see a touch around a sweater’s collar, or peeping out of gloves..

Then, you’ve got the seventies influence – and the eighties – which taught us moreover that a little bit of bad taste can go such a very long way.

A dash of leopard for me is also welcome in the home, it always adds a sense of irony, or amusement, for which without life would at times, be just too dull!


~ by Teena Davidson on April 17, 2010.

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