NOT a supermodel ! ~ But, thanks for asking….;)

Hello honeys!,

Oh its been a while I’ve been getting to know myself better, and having a tiny break from the scene.

Those guys who know me from way back, know I’ve dabbled in some modeling & photography, but since moving home last year (to Oz – The Land of Oz; indeed!).. I simply have had other pressing matters! None the least – My blog, of course!

But buttercups! The show must go on! .. I have to butter my bread too, just like the girl next door..

So my foray back into the world of glimmer, illusion, masquerade… However you want to put it, is placed firmly back on the agenda!

I’m no superstar, or superstar rising, I’m just the girl-next-door, but hopefully, I’ll find a way to pay my bills.. That’s fun, and makes sense, in my quirky world!

Ooh la la!…………..

The world of fashion, as we know, is not a shallow one – it is multi-faceted, and glimmering…

And CREATIVE – above all!

(o.k. it can be a meaningless path – if you don’t enjoy the creative procedure involved…. )

Oh, and the other thing is I’ve decided to run up some skirts, and we’ll see what else.

Any ideas? What do you folks imagine? I’m up for suggestions,

So the link which follows, is a small portfolio – containing some personal, artistic, photographic professional collaborations – modeling, fashion styling, hair+makeup, ** + so on, What do you think? ~

xoxox Lots of Love, Peace, and Light,



~ by Teena Davidson on April 6, 2010.

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