Is ‘Resilience’ just another name for “thick skin”? ~ Oh, another Birthday!

Forgive me people, for my current seeming obsession with horoscopes – it’s “that time of the year again”, almost, and they seem to be ringing truer than ever!

Good news – its nice to have some confirmation, along the path.


“You really aren’t interested in meaningless gossip or idle chatter today, for there are important issues that need clarification and you don’t want to waste precious time. You might even be so eager in your quest for meaning now that you unintentionally open a can of worms. A discussion might not go as smoothly as you expect, but digging into a sensitive topic will set the stage for future growth.”

By Rick Levine

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t buy into gossip. So I think I’ll rate Mr. Levine’s “horror-scope” with a ***1/2 star rating.

I admit that I feel really blessed. I think when one’s motives are good, whatever happens on the outside, you can deal with that. Or maybe just growing resilience aka a thick skin, in my old age!

Lollll I don’t feel old, at all. I love every moment as I grow more mature, and am grateful for every day that appears, and the sun setting, too.

Bless everyone this time of the year, as we take a break from the norms, and rest from the world a little.
(Said regarding the Easter holiday break, that this part of the world assumes).

Time with loved ones is good, but time alone is also good.

No matter your circumstances, I should recommend to embrace them, and live joyfully, whether alone, or crowded and surrounded by friends. Life is ever changing!

Love & Light, and Bliss, and warmest love wishes to all!


~ by Teena Davidson on April 4, 2010.

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