It’s almost that Time of the Year again…

A Little bit more about me…


” When you have Mars in Taurus you are passionate, sensual, and down to earth. The powerful energy of Mars can be grounded and focused when it is in this placement. You have an assured and determined air that surrounds you, a confidence that you project onto the world. You are persistent and patient, making you a lover who will be stable. You are even tempered but once angered, you are honest, forthright, and passionate with you emotions. You are capable of disciplining yourself, and have a great deal of raw physical strength. Sports, and hobbies that require dedication and discipline provide a release that you can really excel in. You offer personal security to your lovers and are happiest when surrounded by material possessions.”

My accuracy Star Rating **** 1/2 Pretty Darn Close

Marie Claire


~ by Teena Davidson on April 3, 2010.

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