A weekend spot of sensuality…

Ok. So my “Daily zen” was good enough to re-quote – I really related to that! (particularly the part about the laundry!)

🙂 Hmn, so my other stars seem to be quite applicable too:

“You may be more aggressive than usual in your pursuit of happiness, since action-packed Mars squares tempting Venus in your sensual sign. But although you may reach beyond your normal limits today, satisfaction remains elusive. You could inadvertently add to your frustration now if you believe there’s only one path that leads to pleasure. However, it’s still possible to find joy in your life if you can be flexible enough to adapt to the changing circumstances.”

Taurus – By Rick Levine.

Venus and Mars, eh? Sounds like a good time… Well, my sensual pursuits this morning involved shopping, browsing mainly, coffee, a lingerie purchase.. hmm… But, Mr Levine, I will take heed of those select words – “although you may reach beyond your normal limits today, satisfaction remains elusive.”

Hmnn.. I have patience, and yes, my experience tells me that it is a virtue!….

Now, my luxury vice is under control, (I did a text to see what my greatest sin was, and that rang true). That said, it’s obvious that in order to have a good time, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money – life’s greatest pleasures don’t depend on it – but let’s not forget also that a little bit of luxury goes a whole long way….

The above pic of model Coco Rocha belongs to Flare April 2010


~ by Teena Davidson on April 3, 2010.

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