Thoughts from vintage photo contest

What does family mean to you? These days, this is a question loaded with many ideas surrounding the changing family. What was once a nucleus, virtually unbreakable apart from death, is now something often put aside. No judgments here, it simply occurred to me to ask the question… since I presented this little photo from the past of my mum, the start of a vintage family collection – related to photography and style – yet, family itself presents us with so many possible (or conflicting) emotions.

For me it is simple – the mother-daughter connection is an obvious one, however the roles can be shifting, and changing through the life.

It is amazing the energy that can come attached to a photo. Whether the subject itself appears to project an energy – simply – or conveys certain mood or emotions from the frame, or whether we are so attached to that picture, that the photo and subject becomes loaded with meaning, or different energies.

The beauty of photos realistically and in pragmatic terms is to illustrate the past.

So that we don’t forget.

Scientifically it’s proven that having photos assists our memory of events. Hence it follows the incredible importance to document not only our personal memories, but those of our joined history.


~ by Teena Davidson on March 31, 2010.

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