Open your Heart & Love Boldly: Paulo Coelho, today

For the last few years, the only novels which I found really palettable were those by written Paulo Coelho. His style is succinct, however intriguing. And as for the intentions and mores in his works – priceless. So these days now with the internet, we can keep up to speed with his works, more than ever. It is a priceless gift – and today, just now in fact, I read his status (and in Spanish also).

Here’s what he has to say, in line with today’s theme of ‘positive thinking’ and actualisation, thankyou so much, Mr. Coelho for today’s writings, and for them all ~

“Don’t give up easily. If you work with enthusiasm, if you love with intensity, perseverance brings good luck. Just one more step, one more day, please…

(No se rinda fácilmente. Si trabajas con entusiasmo, si usted con intensidad, perseverancia trae buena suerte. Sólo un paso más, un día más, por favor .. )”

Paulo Coelho 02/03/2010

So simple, yet so true. Open your heart, love boldly, and keep investing effort, and enthusiasm into both your love and work. . I think enthusiasm is a key word here, sometimes we might think to be enthusiastic isn’t cool? .. Well, we are here to live, right, so let’s make it positive!

Much Love,

X. Bird


~ by Teena Davidson on March 2, 2010.

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