Roses and black sheets….

Roses and black sheets, How romantic, .. and chic!…. Two commercials, each for perfume, each featuring Kate Moss.

Alright, this really does seem to have become quite the Moss Festival… But, it’s ok – as she has recently celebrated her (36th!) birthday… and never would I like to miss an opportunity to combine a lyrical Italian – with such bold and fashionable composition as a black and white film; featuring the fabulous, and sultry super-modelo la femme, Kate Moss.

Bvlgari pour Femme, modelling by La Moss…

The following clip for YSL is more current than the Bvlgari… I do know which one I prefer, not judging by my post title, however.

I’m very interested to know your opinions. I think the YSL Parisienne has captured something of the phenomenon of the modern woman, and this is indeed exactly what Moss represents. A pure and luxe combination of both classic, yet indisputably modern, mutually coexisting.

YSL also has some fun with the Depeche Mode soundtrack….


~ by Teena Davidson on February 17, 2010.

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