Is purple the new pink? Boys do try this too…

Ok, so I wore my new lilac-trended lipstick, with fashionable virtue, right bang, on Valentine’s Day.. But, I don’t think the mister noticed. In the morning I chose a purple/lilac stretch lace top to pair with cut-off denim shorts (ever the frugalista’s favorite), and a slick of my obviously subtle ‘elegant mauve’ gloss.

Try wearing purple or purple-based tones, with silver accessories, such as belts, and large bangles, but avoid numerous bangles, and opt for one strong simple one, if the dress has a pattern.

I saw Chloe Sevigny wearing a bolder hue… I’m not convinced, however, I still think purple is a must-have color to add to anyone’s wardrobe palette. It’s also gorgeous when combined with chocolate brown, so looks delicious when worn with a tan, or lovely darker skins. Deep skin tones can try richer purples, and colors in the nearby hues.

Click here to catch Sevigny looking cute
minus the lilac, but with a very natural, beautiful look. đŸ™‚

Boys also – why not replace that worn-out pink look, with purple?!…. I noticed a young guy teaming a purple-T with his smart shorts, and it occurred to me just how hip it is.

Business smarts can spice up their wardrobe too – with a dash of purple. Think: cufflinks and of course ties, both deeper/richer and lighter shades also. Or fine stripes in the same spectrum, and may I add – it’s fun sometimes to match your undergarments too, in any case I sometimes do, and nor would I mind catching a glimpse sometimes of a fashion coordinated male, either!


~ by Teena Davidson on February 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Is purple the new pink? Boys do try this too…”

  1. i purchased a purple ralph lauren cashmere jumper, perfect winter attire

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