Viva La Moss!

So iconic is Kate Moss, that in fact she has recently celebrated her 36th birthday, celebrating 20 years working in the fashion industry, as one of the top models. The following compilation shows many photos from Moss’s earlier modelling days, whether you are a fan or not, she works alongside the world’s most respected fashion houses, and creative geniuses, the true tops in the world of design; and photography. She is muse, model, and working mother.

Now designer also, sadly her scheduled Selfridges’ opening of her brand new signature Longchamp line coincided with the death of close friend and designer Alexander McQueen’s (re: last post: McQueen – Moss Hologram):

Moss’ longevity in the fashion spotlight indicates a savvy businesswoman, and hard-worker. I am in awe of her portfolio of work, and you can see her constant vogue cover appearances show a model whose face “speaks to the people” – Are we tired of her? Not I, that’s for sure.

… I admire that she keeps working, that she keeps collaborating; however, most of all, she is not interested especially in what is expected of her – She sets a precedent hopefully, for models to stay true to their “look” as well as high profile professionals. Until recently, it seems she has not followed the fixation (pardon the pun) with botox and other anti-aging vanity procedures; her look has remained her own.

It’s refreshing, isn’t it to see women not ashamed to have character lines, or simply place more value on owning their facial muscle mobility than having so-called flawless (and fake) appearances!

Go la Moss! We love you still, and more than ever!

You can check out some of la Moss’s earliest, and perhaps more ‘flawless’ beauty looks in the following video: See also her street style and nonchalant hair styles, as featured in her Longchamp campaign video; as being typically on trend now – enter also Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2010 hairstyling secrets, including more beauty trends – and perhaps, even the Gucci girl’s make-under face.

Although Moss many times wore a more defined lip in her earlier days, and more recently favoring a heavily smoked eye, we’ll be looking to serious nude options in the beauty stakes this year, with a gorgeous array of beige, including sheer pink lipsticks or slicks of glosses!… Personally, I’m favoring a warm nude beige for my lips, to let the focus be more on my eyes, and a healthy skin glow. Light mauves, in the arena of the lilac shades that are in, are also taking my fancy, in fact I purchased an inexpensive shade today to try it. If it suits me well, I will be going back to invest in the cooler of pink beauty trends 😉 Tomorrow, I may even pair my mauve lipstick lashings with a pink or floral Valentine’s outfit, or saturate my perfect pout alongside a neutral toned outfit to make my pout pop! ~ serving to brighten up the most demure of black outfits/dresses/black pants/play suits ; )

Happy Valentine’s ~ Everyone!…………

Oh, and finally, as promised, a little video that caught my eye, amongst the smorgasboard of Moss’ images,do enjoy!..


~ by Teena Davidson on February 13, 2010.

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