What Is Yoga?

Ok., how are you all? I am fine, the weather is too hot here, thank God folks that I can fly, and flutter my feathers a little, and where I live has the most awesome trees that I can reach and touch the sky!

Today I see its been too long since I wrote!.. Holidays, and so forth.

“What is yoga”… Is my topic of concern today. Normally I stretch a lot, and I find this really builds up strength, and assists my respiratory system. Along with walks, I like most of all to practice yoga – And this is most definitely a source of personal satisfaction, in the most intimate sense, my yoga classes have filled me with a sense of lasting peace, and inner freedom.

Why yoga? What makes it so special?

Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner

    Yogi Cameron

has a succint explanation of Yoga: Visit his Site:



~ by Teena Davidson on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “What Is Yoga?”

  1. Yoga offers a great potential for health and wellness as does Ayurveda. Together they are bringing health and promoting consciousness world wide. We are living in a truly exciting time! For more information on Ayurveda including educational videos, articles and learning tools please come by our site. Have a wonderful day!


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